Recently, an entrepreneur from China, who told about his intentions to create a blockchain “Uber”, negatively spoke out to his compatriot who successfully deals with cryptocurrencies.

On June 9, Chen Weixing’s accusatory speech to the well-known cryptocurrency investor and part-time one of the first adherents of bitcoins in China, Li Xiaolai, appeared in a WeChat post.

Mr. Chen expressed his dissatisfaction with the work of Mr. Li, whose bitcoins fund was 30 thousand units 5 years ago. It was assumed that the fund would mature in September of the previous year, but for some reason, Li Xiaolai extended the deadline for 12 months.

Chen supposed that the reason lies in the fact that all bitcoins were released on the site of bitcoin gambling “Just-Dice” by Mr. Li.

Mr. Chen also added that this can be confirmed by everyone who understands the space of blockchain and has practical experience in it.

Due to the lack of any supporting facts, Mr. Chen’s dissatisfaction and accusation of 30 thousand bitcoins debt (equivalent to 200 million dollars), aroused the keen interest of the press and became one of the most discussed and resonant topics of the cryptocurrency fellowship in China.

According to a general statement, Li immediately said that he was not going to react to the accusation message in any way and that Chen was responsible for presenting the evidence supporting his pretension.

In spite of this, Mr. Chen posted 11 more accusations on the network on Wednesday that Lee was attracting retail investment capitalists throughout the bull trade pursuing the goal to eliminate the profits.

The next day, Mr. Li wrote the article, denying all Chen’s accusations, and giving separate answers to every point.

Li said, justifying the 30 thousand bitcoins debt that there is not a drop of truth in this. The fund is a private capital, which amounts to 20 million yuan (that is about 3 million dollars). Li also added that he never backed up bitcoin guarantees, but he spoke about his hopes that the fund could surpass the bitcoin market. Regarding the September promises, Mr. Li said his fund belongs to the “4+1” type and the date of its release was this year, in September, and that, Chen has confused something.

Li noted that Mr. Chen did not back up his statements, which are empty and gross slander.

Answering to CoinDesk, Mr. Li mentioned he unquestionably is considering the possibility of taking appropriate legitimate measures contra Chen Weixing.

So far, there have been no public statements from Mr. Chen about Li’s replies.

Nevertheless, Mr. Chen has repeatedly expressed contradictory opinions about the topics associated with crypto, thus provoking heated discussions.

At the beginning of the year, the director of GSR Ventures Managment and the active Chinese capital investor Zhu Xiaohu, publicly stated that he would refrain from any discussion WeChat group topics related to the blockchain in order to preserve the integrity.

Answering this, Chen said that Mr. Zhu avoids innovation and does not want to change anything, while he is striving to live in the renewed world. Chen also added that Zhu Xiaohu does not care about development, and destroys bold undertakings, covering up by simply maintaining integrity.