Recently, there was noteworthy information about 6 corporations that launched personal crypto-currency exchange were registered on the Japanese stock exchange. After that, there was information that three other firms related to the Tokyo Stock Exchange are developing a project to make different cryptographic proposals.

More and more companies engaged in public trade in Japan are trying to take a strong position in the world of crypto, creating and providing services related to this sphere. publicized the news about the plans of 6 public corporations to provide crypto-exchange services on their own platforms. Among them is Money Forward, widely known in Japan for its personalized financial application. Three other corporations declared about their breakthrough into the sphere of crypto, expanding the market with new crypto-offers.

Samurai & J Partners

In 1996, company Samurai & J Partners (TYO:4764) was established. It specializes in a wide range of IT, financial, technical services and ones connected with banking system. Its main business is aimed at investing in listed firms, while using the so-called PIPE (private investment in public equity) method.

The company’s branch is engaged in the management of the crowdfunding space, which plays the role of a liaison between those who have the desire to operate assets and firms that need investors. Famous platform Samurai has already presented the Virtual Currency Mining Fund that has tight relation with crypto. Moreover, on the company’s web site, an offer for tokens can be easily found.

Another hot news was the company’s announcement about the decisive plans to engage in the crediting of virtual currencies.

Appbank Inc

Company Appbank Inc (TYO:6177) is actively engaged in the creation, management, and distribution of high-quality content, using on-line distributions and visual materials of various social games for this purpose. It is responsible for managing the media site, which is specialized in smartphone games, and was created ten years ago. This site is known as “Japan’s largest iPhone media” service.

Most recently, the company informed the public about the activation of its platform @Blast, which will be used for the convenient spread of the virtual currency. A solemn opening is to be held this month to honor this event.

It was announced that @Blast is a special web-based service platform that takes care of all the functions of distributing virtual currency using special content that is focused on amusement and games.

It is planned that this platform will serve as a kind of catalyst for more convenient distribution of virtual currencies, which will provide users with a space for direct interaction with virtual currencies.

I-Freek Mobile Inc

Company I-Freek Mobile Inc (TYO:3845) specializes in mobile content, which is provided to users of cellular phones. It recently represented its innovations and announced the services of “virtual currency exchange”. It is planned that the innovations will be activated on June 27 during the general conference of partners.

The publication of Minkabu says that the company will resolutely expand its range of services, providing business content of a broader profile.