Benefits and Profitability

Cryptocurrency cloud mining is one profitable way to earn cryptocurrencies. Traditional cloud mining companies like Hashflare and Genesis mining may have proved themselves over time as to go to areas for those with enough cash to invest. Investors on Hashflare, for example, can buy up to 100TH for $12,000. For other users or newbies in cryptocurrency who may not be able to afford the amount required for conventional mining of Bitcoin, litecoin, and dash, there are companies offering completely free and without investment, the power to mine cryptocurrency online and get the same long-term payment benefits affluent users get from conventional mining pools. The benefits are huge because users do not have to spend their hard earned money on an investment in volatile cryptocurrency, take the trouble of installing household mining facilities or waste their time and energy in typing captchas on Bitcoin or Litecoin faucets. The fee is also an added advantage. With some genuine websites among these, you can get mining power for less than 50% of what you pay when you use other mining websites.

Guide on How to Start Free Cloud Mining

Although the benefits of not scam free cloud mining without the investment that can earn users up to $100 monthly may seem irresistibly unattractive. It is important to know that there are also risks any investor in these websites could face. Many persons have decided to label these sites as a scam for these reasons. In a Net business rating website review, for example, one of these websites, several users labeled Micro BTC as a scam by leaving it on 1.8 rating spot on a 5.0 scale. This is where intending investors would have to start from—research. This article would do part of that but it is important to find out from other users who have tried out the platform before investing. Bitrust and trustpilot are good places to get trusted reviews of cryptocurrency websites. Some sites also allow users speak with an agent or the admin directly. This could be a perfect way to clear any doubts and make sure it is not a scam. One other thing that is easy to leave out is to check whether the sites are open source. This can help techies know how much they have put into developing their website and how it works exactly. Most cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are open source. This guarantees that they are what they say they are and encourage suggestions for improvement.

 Cloud Mining Contracts Sites, and Services with Free Start

Several cloud mining websites that allow users create completely free accounts. Most of these websites later require a minimum deposit to increase mining power. Articles on steemit, cryptocurrency talk, and bitcoin.com provide a list of sites that allow users mine Bitcoin, litecoin, dash or other altcoins with mining power dedicated to their account upon registration. Registration on these sites is all that is requires, and paying a minimum deposit is optional. Many sites on the list may not be working at the time of writing this article this may be a good way to start pointing out the scam sites that want to exploit their users in any way as they typically do not survive the bubble. Contracts on these websites are usually as low as $0.0299 per GH of mining power for bitcoin and $2 for etherium.

The Best and Most Trusted Cloud Mining Sites

Bitzfree remains one of the most trusted free mining website giving its users free 20GH upon registration although its transactions are now in bitcoin gold. Bitfire also provides effective services to its users and a free 100GH upon registration. Earn hash offers a free 200GH upon registration and a minimum of 0.0015 with a repayment period of the same amount for 10 days. Other good offers include zoxtel, Desmine, bits2u, Eobot, and kryptotrend. Some of these sites have maintained a record of perfect service delivery throughout their existence.