On June 9, the EOS blockchain is due to happen, as a result of online voting carried out on June 8.

As it became known, during the last voting, all participants without a dissentient voice pressed the “Go” button so that EOS main net was launched online today at 1:00 pm. This was done in order for the candidates could become the so-called “Block Producers” of the EOS blockchain, which are equal to the miners on the Bitcoin blockchain. At the time when the article was printed, there was still no clear information about how prosperous the launch was.

This news was reported a week later than the information about the creator of EOS, Block.one that is the direct blockchain software developer, appeared. The blockchain protocol EOSIO’s version 1.0 first sees the world at that time. The EOSIO software provides both “community- based” and enterprise-level companies the ability to bring into being special apps that have the blockchain groundwork and can be easily changed in their scale.

Commentators openly state their beliefs that EOSIO will become the main competitor to Ethereum (ETH), taking the value of the protocol for the creation of Dapps (in other words – decentralized applications), especially taking into account that EOSIO was financed on the previous week. At the same time, the launch of EOSIO 1.0 from Block.one was announced. The company informed the audience about the existence of a 50 million US dollars fund that will be used to effectively improve the EOSIO “environment”, with the active support of SVK Crypto – the blockchain investor from London.

On June 1, it became known that EOS summed up the results of its one-year sale of tokens and achieved an unprecedented 4 billion dollars, which helped it to take the position of the first historical greatest Initial Coin Offering (ICO), as Cointelegraph reports.

To date, EOS has been among the five largest crypto-currency in terms of market cap that composes almost 13 billion dollars. During the last day, the coin has reached more than 3% increase, dealing at 14.37 US dollars.