$ 1.07 right now


Mkt. Cap

$ 170.67 M

Vol. 24H

$ 1,365,882.8

Open 24h

$ 1.08

Low/High 24h

$ 1.07 - $ 1.09

Trade name: LSK
Year of Foundation: 2016

How does Lisk works


Lisk is famous blockchain platform intended to encourage the improvement and dispersion of decentralized JavaScript-based platform app. In the ecosystem of Lsk, system plans to give the platform a chance to manufacture, disperse and adapt their apps for the use as smart contracts, nodes, cloud storage and customized blockchains.

How to Purchase LISK?

Here’s how to purchase Lisk in the event that you choose to buy it.

  1. Make an account at the exchange listing Lisk

If you get the chance to purchase Lisk using US dollars, you should think about Changelly or YObit. On the other hand, as Binance is one of the biggest cryptographic money trades by exchanging volume at the season of thinking that you can purchase Lisk at Binance using cryptocurrencies, like, ETH or BTC.

  1. Deposit funds into the account

In case you’re saving USD, search for a store interface through your account dashboard and enter the desired amount.

  1. Purchase LSK

To purchase Lisk with USD: Simply look the trade’s business sectors for Lisk and take the headings to purchase. After this, enter either the amount you need or the amount USD you wish to trade for Lisk and, in the wake of affirming the last amount of transaction and tap your Purchase.

You can offer Lisk tokens on a similar trade where you got them or exchange them for another trade where Lisk is supported. In the wake of choosing this, you enter the number of Lisk tokens you need to trade. When you have entered this number, affirm the last deal value and continue to offer your tokens.

LSK Wallets

Users can use the accompanying wallets that can be used to store your LSK:

  • Free wallet
  • Lsk Nano
  • Lsk Core

Lsk (LSK) is the cryptographic money token of the platform. It is used to pay the charges and grant the access to the framework. The ticker image for Lsk token is LSK, and it uses proof delegated for stake (DPoS) algorithm. This implies everything identified with the system or the expansion of new squares towards blockchain is finished by the voting of delegate.


Latest Lisk (LSK) – USD Historical Price Chart