$ 0.4613 right now


Mkt. Cap

$ 54.73 M

Vol. 24H

$ 226,936.3

Open 24h

$ 0.4773

Low/High 24h

$ 0.4623 - $ 0.4959

Trade name: KMD
Year of Foundation: 2016

The Komodo is the platform that is used as the block chain solution. The best thing is that you can utilize it to launch your very own independent block chain as well as the initial coin offering services (ICO). You will be surprised to know that Komodo has the established the position of a basic and friendly block chain platform. They know the developers need to assemble their own particular applications without worrying about anything else. It is a valid platform will drive the standard selection of block chain innovation; however, it is positively a substantial approach which ought not to be ignored.

How Does Komodo Work?

There are a couple of key advantages to using Komodo as an end to end block chain solution. As a matter of first importance, developers can assemble a totally independent block chain which is attached to the Komodo system all in all. In any case, none of the independent chains are constrained by what Komodo could possibly be able to do. This particular way to deal with block chain solutions opens up a lot of chances. All self-made chains are adaptable with regards to its performance features native to Komodo ecosystem.

A major factor of Komodo

Safety is a major factor for block chain. Komodo organizes both security and protection as a matter of first importance. The chain uses a delayed confirmation of work method to upgrade its general security. This additionally takes into account the production of backups of block chain information, which is then legally approved to Bitcoin’s block chain. For any independent block chain made using this platform, the securing and reinforcement of information on the Bitcoin chain is of incredible interest.

ARP Income

Komodo holders get 5% annual rate (APR) income. Each KMD holder will get it, and it is automatic as there are no settings to turn on, no modes to initiate or no passwords to open. The 5% APR will stay until the point when the maximum supply of 200M KMD is come to. Just T-address adjusts will get the APR.

It appears Komodo will assume a fundamental part later on of automatic swaps, despite the fact that that isn’t the main thing its developers are concentrating on this moment. There’s significantly more to this extended than meets the eye; that much is obvious.

Latest Komodo (KMD) – USD Historical Price Chart