Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private

$ 0.1055 right now


Mkt. Cap


Vol. 24H

Ƀ 0.08310

Open 24h

$ 0.1111

Low/High 24h

$ 0.1055 - $ 0.1319

Trade name: BTCP
Year of Foundation: 2018

What is Bitcoin Private?

Bitcoin private (BTCP) is a first of its kind, a “fork merge” of BTC and ZCL. The goal behind the coin is to combine the critical features of the two coins into something better. That is privacy features of ZClassic and the resilience, security and market awareness of BTC. Also, BTCP is community-driven coin based on the open-source code, which guarantees openness and accessibility for the community.

Transactions on the network are P2P without any intermediaries. Network nodes merely verify transactions on its blockchain, and they are recorded on a public ledger. It is more secure and anonymous, quicker to deliver due to its large size.

History of the coin

BTCP, as it stands, was a proposal initially made on Twitter by the founder of Zcash, Rhett Creighton. Others came on board to help author the whitepaper. As for now, it has over 200 contributors.

The coin was announced towards the end of 2017; it led to price appreciation of ZCL and BTC.

How to use BTCP

You can only claim Bitcoin Private depending on the wallet you use. Those who have Zcash and BTC in their wallets before the merge are eligible to claim the coin.

You can use Ethereum wallets or full node wallets. For Ethereum wallet, simply download the wallet, log in then sweep the BTCP coins to your new address. For the full node wallet, you will be required to have your Java up-to-date. Download, unzip and run the BitcoinPrivateDesktopWallet.jar file then follow the procedure.

How much is Bitcoin Private worth?

Сurrent price of the crypto you can see at the top of the page.

Latest Bitcoin Private (BTCP) – USD Historical Price Chart