$ 9.50 right now


Mkt. Cap


Vol. 24H

$ 0

Open 24h

$ 9.50

Low/High 24h

$ 9.50 - $ 9.50

Trade name: ALT
Year of Foundation: 2017

What is Altcoin?

Altcoin (ALT) is an online platform for tracking capitalization of various alternative crypto coins including bitcoin and Ethereum. The term altcoin in general means alternative coins, other than bitcoin. There are hundreds of altcoins and ATL is ranked at number 730 on the list. Altcoin (ALT) is a toke that works with most of others currencies on its trading platform.

History of altcoin (ATL)

Looking at the history of the token trading against the USD, it started trading on May 25th, 2017, with a price of $2.48 and the market capitalization of 0. There is not much yet about the coin though it has been trading quite fairly.

How to use altcoin

ALT can be used just like any other altcoin. The home page has a trading platform that has all the major cryptocurrencies. You can buy bitcoin or Ethereum and exchange it with Altcoin (ALT) or any other on its platform. Unfortunately, there is still not much information on the token and even the white paper seems to be missing.

Altcoin price chart analysis

As of today, Altcoin (ALT) has a market capitalization of  2,322002 USD  and it has seemed to be growing. It has an average 24hr volume of $4,778 with a circulating chain of 123,175. The current price of ALT you can see on the graph below.

Latest ALTcoin (ALT) – USD Historical Price Chart