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Launch date: 04.03.2014

Minergate cloud mining

Minergate review and recommendation
Minergate is one of the most prominent locations for mining cryptocurrency on the market today. It makes the mining experience easy for users and to ensure maximum profitability. You can join their pool for a minimal fee and be able to mine up to 14 different altcoins including Monero, Etherium, XRM, Litecoin, Bytecoin, and BTC among others. The site was created to start mining bitcoin but has expanded to mine other altcoins. Bitcoin is, however, the only cloud-mined coin provided by Hashing24 company.

Why Minergate?

Many cryptocurrency mining sites exist today. Unfortunately, however, not all of them are legit. All of them offer incredible and tempting features, and one has to inquire well when considering any of them. Minergate has proven to provide the best terms of services. It mines the top most profitable currencies on the most comfortable multi-platform miner. The merged mining support offers the best alternatives for maximum benefit. Apart from these, the site supports alternative miners while providing the most conducive environment. You don’t want your money to disappear, which happens a lot on the internet transactions. Minergate ensures security for your investment. It also offers quite affordable fees.

Cryptocurrencies supported for cloud mining, benefits, and profitability

Minergate performs the primary function as a multi-cryptocurrency mining pool. This performance means that there are some optional altcoins on the service from which miners can choose. They can use their software to join the pool and select a coin on their own or let the system do it for them. The site has automine features that provide smart mining contracts. Intelligent contracts offer that best options in which the system automatically selects the most profitable hashpower purchased by the miner. The company is partnered with hashing24 to provide cloud mining services for bitcoin.

Minergate cloud mining guide

The cloud mining contracts are offered through hashing24 partnership. It is quite easy to acquire the lease. All you have to do is purchase them directly from the Minergate website. Well, as usual, the first step is a must; one has to create an account through a registration procedure provided on the site. After registration, the user just needs to set up the mining plan by purchasing the desired hashpower. There is provided a bitcoin address on which one can transfer the price of the contract. The transfer happens after choosing the right package fit for your budget. Note that Bitcoin is the only means of payment and wire transfer or payment by card is not available.

If you give a purchase that is below 20GH/s, the contract will not start because it will be below the price. Apart from this, understand that there is a maintenance fee that is deducted daily and the deal will be automatically canceled in case there are not enough funds for three consecutive days.

The earnings are easy and happen automatically. It starts to take place 24 hours after you start your contract. As a user, you will have to wait until the block is found before you can receive your earnings, which happens daily. The method for obtaining payments is through email confirmations; this includes payouts and purchases.

Minergate cloud mining clients can purchase up-to 1million GH/s. The cost of each hashpower varies depending on the contract itself. Example, 20GH/s bitcoin cloud mining will cost 0.0034 BTC. The reviews gathered on the site put it into a legit business. There exist many scam alerts on the internet regarding mining platform. Minergate has managed to beat them all and stayed in business.


If Minergate legit? And is it worth your investment? Based on this tutorial and other indicators, it is easy to conclude in favor.

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