Genesis Mining

USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, UK, Nederland, Iceland, Canada

  • Best service for mining trial (bitcoin and altcoins).
  • You can mine all available in catalog crypto.
  • Equipment for fastest mining already works for you.
  • Everyday payments on the personal wallet.
  • Smart and simple investment for beginners, and for experts and large investors in cryptocurrencies.
  • Coins: BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, ALT

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Genesis cloud mining is one of the oldest and largest bitcoin cloud mining providers.

Recently expanded and now offer mining contracts for Etherium/X11. They have three main bases of operations in Asia, America, and Europe, and so serve every area in those places.

Since: 2014, worked 2448 days
Pay System:
Profit from:
180% year
deposit: $50
min payment: $50


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Launch date: 06.02.2014

There’s a lot to love about Genesis cloud mining.

Their bitcoin contracts are all lifetime contracts, so they’ll ever expire. They are also one of the most honest and open cloud mining services, serving everyone at every level. The man on the street can get as much out of the service as a big-time investor. They offer a wide range of services including a simple service at a low rate to give potential users a good idea of what the service can do. Their site is clean, simple, and user-friendly.

What Cryptocurrencies does Genesis Mining Service Work With?

At first Genesis Cloud Mining was all about mining bitcoin. Over time the service has expanded and the team behind the website believe in the power of altcoins; other cryptocurrencies. As such, the service now supports the mining of bitcoin, dash (digital cash), Ethereum, litecoin, monero, and Zcash. The service regularly runs polls online through Facebook to determine the interest in supporting other coin types as well. So expect this range of services to grow in the future.

Benefits and Profitability

There are two key benefits to using Genesis cloud mining. The first is the number of coins that it works with, as mentioned above. The second is the freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a contract.

Each kind of coin comes with a choice of four mining contracts; a small, medium, and large one; as well as the opportunity to create a custom contract. Choose a coin and a hashrate that matches your needs and receive a quote for that. Other benefits of the service include user-friendliness and great customer support. The website is a breeze to use and the customer service team is amazing.

The profitability of Genesis Mining depends on the coin and contract being used. One advantage of this service is that contracts will end automatically when they stop being profitable. To put it simply, if your contract isn’t making more than it costs, it comes to an end. Users won’t make a lot of profit at the lower investment levels, but they also never have to worry about losing money.

Genesis Cloud Mining Guide

Creating an account with Genesis Mining and getting started is simple enough. Choose a plan, create an account, and then fund it, and Genesis gets to work for you. Genesis welcome a range of payment options, including bank transfers, credit cards, bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, and darkcoin. The website promises to never charge maintenance fees but there is a minimum withdrawal amount. The profits from the day’s mining are added to user’s accounts at the end of each day, but it’s not possible to make a withdrawal unless there is at least 0.005 bitcoin in the account. This is to prevent users from having to pay fees related to transferring bitcoin for such a low payout.


Cloud mining is a great choice for those want to get started with mining coins without having to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, not to mention electricity. Genesis Cloud Mining is one of the oldest cloud mining platforms around and it’s their commitment to ease-of-use and customer service that has kept them going this long. Genesis cloud mining offers mining for a range of coins at several different contract levels, allowing users to pick the right combination for them.