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There is a growing difficulty in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Drilling is supposed to be fun while providing the miner with benefits according to the efforts put in. Because of these, finding new methods and ways to make your venture easy should be your priority. One of the ways to do this is to avoid the hustle, sit back and relax while watching your profits grow. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, it is possible through cloud mining. Eobot is one of the companies on the market that provides the best cloud mining services today. Most reviews have come out in favor of the site and created great trust among many users.

Coins: BTC, XMR, ALT

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Launch date:: 06.10.2009

Since: 2009, worked 4041 days
Pay System:
Bitcoin Epay
Profit from:
170% year
deposit: $10
min payment: $501


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Launch date: 06.10.2009

Why Eobot?

Choosing the right site for your mining needs is the key to achieving success. To prove the viability of a website, the first step is to check out the background information on the company, which you should be able to access. It is good to consider many sites as possible until you find the one that has the service you are expecting to receive.

Mining requires that you come up with a good strategy that involves obtaining trust. Eobot is a mining platform that has been in operation since 2013 serving a significant number of users from around the world. It allows trading between top list coins such as bitcoin, Etherium Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin and Monero among other altcoins. One of the features that make Eobot worth, apart from a wide variety offered is the safety features. Because of the public audit and hacker policies that have proved to work pretty well, it is easy to conclude that the site is the best or among the best.

Expect immediate results and follow up on your mining with update provided after every 60 seconds with no heat, no hardware to maintain.

What cryptocurrencies are supported for cloud mining

Most of the top cloud mining companies offer the possibility for cloud mining only one of a few cryptocurrencies. Eobot, on the other hand, provides unique opportunities to mine any cryptocurrency using cloud services. It does not matter whether the coin is on SHA-256 or Scrypt algorithm. You can extract Bitcoin, Eth, LTC, BTC, Zcash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, STEEM, Lisk, MaidSafeCoin, USD, Gridcoin, and Etherium classic. Bitcoin cloud mining is the most prominent mining service offered by all cloud mined coins. With as little as 10$, the possibility of experiencing fast profits are in our hand.

You can calculate the benefits and profits according to the contract. Bitcoin, for example, is the coin with the best deals on Eobot running from 1 year to lifetime. It offers Litecoin cloud mining contracts with a monthly payout of up to 0.0071 LTC monthly. For Etherium, you can get contracts with 0.0060 ETH monthly payouts. In general, the payouts on Eobot take place at the end of every month.

Cloud mining guide

In all the exchanges providing cloud mining services, Eobot stands among the very first on the market. It offers rental contracts that can be from as short as 24Hours or up to 5 years. Creating or renting deals is easy once you have acquired your wallet and connected to the site. After that, the rented Eobot hardware mines for you with the possibility of it mining directly to your pool using the MyPool application.

Prices for cloud mining are determined based on the hashpower of the equipment rented. They charge $0.00021 GH/s per day for the 4GH/s Antminer S9 rig. There is also maintenance fee charged at 34% of the mining fee though it changes from time to time. One of the pros that make Eobot an outstanding platform is the immediate payouts ability which does not happen for many other sites. If you look at the website, there is a claim that mining stops for a coin once the fee reaches 100%.

In general, Eobot.com provides simplicity in cloud mining. The site is not full of fancy features, and challenging interfaces and information supplied based on clarity.

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