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CCG mining

Russia, USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, UK, Iceland, Canada, China, UAE, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Vietnam, Turkey, Estonia

  • All devices are configured for the most optimal mining algorithm to start the mining process
  • Thanks to the experience of CCG Mining, we can reduce power consumption while increasing the hashtrain of miners
  • CCG Mining contracts for electricity are significantly below market prices
  • The company effectively works with changing trends in the market, adapting working methods and technologies used to the current needs and expectations of customers
  • The most flexible and competitive solutions

    Coins: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR, ZEC

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CCG Mining offers a rational and easy way to invest and make a profit; CCG Mining owns two data centers directly designed for the production of crypto currency; Data centers provide optimal working conditions for miners, are under constant protection and have an insurance policy.

Since: 2017, worked 1337 days
Pay System:
Payeer Bitcoin Ethereum
Profit from:
134% year
deposit: $83
min payment: $0.002 BTC


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Launch date: 31.03.2017

CCG Mining is a team of professionals who are doing their best to bring the slogan “We make it easy for you” into reality, regardless of where the client resides and the level of his knowledge of crypto-currencies. CCG Mining works every day and creates innovative products to meet your biggest and most complex requirements, offering the most flexible and competitive solutions.

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