Established just a few years ago, CoinPayments promised to give the businessmen an innovative payment method to conduct financial operations with tokens. This enterprise is going to be the first in the field of crypto digital payments.

CoinPayments new payment method is expected to give a hand the businesses in increasing acceptance of tokens. Using his method, the companies will not have to solve the questions related to the token payments.

Those who purchased ERC20-tokens are guaranteed to use this cryptocurrency on their favorite platforms much faster than ever before. Also, businessmen will be able to pay for goods and services to the brick-and-mortar and e-shops with use of a new CoinPayments payment gateway.

The CEO of CoinPayments said that questions of the growing need of the tokens are in the center of attention in the crypto industry. Moreover, CoinPayments’s policy is aimed at creating an innovative ERC20-token payment method unknown the users couldn’t experience before.

He also said that he sees the economy consisting of numerous communities that build their industries by building particular niches. CoinPayments gives an opportunity for all the tokens to be successfully implemented into the economical system”.

More info you can find on the CoinPayments website revealing all the info on how their gateway works.

Two more campaigns

According to Cointelegraph, just a month ago, the firm has been trying to start new big campanies in this year.

CoinPayments has conducted an implementation of the new tokens called CPS Coin. One hundred of these coins were presented to each of the present-day as well as future customers who will be involved in the campaign. The firm guarantees that users will get a range of discounts for this coin as well as open a possibility to take advantage of the main offers hosted by the firm.

The firm also prepares to launch an improved version of the user interface. It is expected that its users will be more satisfied with using an upgraded,  more user-friendly edition.

For today, the company collaborates with up to 1 million businessmen in more than 180 countries. With the use of cloud technology users are able not only store their precious information but also buy crypto coins.

The CoinPayments possesses data about an extensive number of physical and e-shops which use this gateway method beginning with shops selling clothes and food and ending with those offering services, for example, gaming, travel, marketing, charities, etc. This system helps users to sell and buy coins in the course of minutes. A cryptocurrency exchange is far easier now enabling users to their currency in any place where they can find at least a wi-fi zone.